Strategic Business Management – Partnership For Success

Table of Contents

  • Who is Ocenture
  • Our Focus
  • Partnership with Ocenture
  • B2B Partnerships 4 Success
  • Industries
  • What We Are Offering?
  • Craft & Customize & Measure & Improve
    • Ocenture’s comprehensive customer loyalty strategy
  • Let Us Help You To Get The Most Out Of Your Business
  • Unique & Valuable Opportunities To Differentiate Your Business
  • Let us Save You Time and Money
    • Reduce Costs & Save Money
      • Consumer Monthly Cost Mitigation
      • Company Co-Located or Outsourced Cost Mitigation
    • Private Label Development
      • Strengthening Customer Retention and Loyalty
      • Generating Incremental Revenue Streams
      • Expanding Your Product or Service Base

Who is Ocenture?

Ocenture is a software development & private label company that has over 25 years of experience providing private label development and support services. The company specializes in creating customized solutions that help organizations meet financial initiatives and increase overall company revenue. By leveraging its extensive experience and advanced technical capabilities, Ocenture can deliver innovative solutions that address each client’s unique needs. Whether you’re looking for custom software development, software consulting, or private label development services, Ocenture has the skills and expertise to help your organization succeed.

Our Focus

The Ocenture model helps enhance our clients’ success by offering highly visible products that customers already purchase in the marketplace. We evaluate our clients’ goals then help them develop programs that add value:

  • Generate significant incremental revenue
  • Lower customer acquisition cost
  • Improve conversion rates for purchases, enrollments and registrations
  • Build customer loyalty + repeat business
  • Safeguard customer’s identity and personal information

Partnership with Ocenture

The partnership with Ocenture begins with a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and goals. We take the time to understand our clients’ business objectives and tailor our services to meet those needs.

Our turn-key, private label, and co-branded product offerings provide companies with added monetization opportunities and increased customer retention rates, resulting in maximum profit potential. Our proprietary partnership integration and data analytics approach provide a unique competitive edge for our clients.

As the partnership progresses, we work closely with our clients to continuously improve and optimize their product solutions. Our team of experts uses data analytics to gain a deeper understanding of how the services are being used and how the product of processes can be improved to better meet the needs of the end users.

We are committed to ensuring that our clients have the support they need to succeed, and we provide ongoing technical support to ensure that our clients’ software runs smoothly. We understand that success is not a one-time event; it’s a continuing process, and we are committed to supporting our clients every step of the way.

Overall, Ocenture partnership evolves into a strategic long-term profit center where commercial objectives are aligned, and business growth is accelerated.

B2B Partnerships For Success

Ocenture doesn’t sell services directly to the general public and we don’t compete with our clients in the marketplace. Instead, our clientele is exclusive to specific industries.

Ocenture is an industry leader in product development, technology support, and systems integration. The company’s proprietary systems offer highly customized and collaborative solutions that expand client revenue and profits while increasing user retention.

Ocenture’s diverse product line and speed-to-market capabilities help its clients stay ahead of the competition by generating ideas for new service lines, creating scalable approaches, establishing the complete delivery infrastructure, and providing marketing, sales, and customer support.


Ocenture’s clients include financial, credit and banking institutions, security companies, direct selling organizations, national insurance and healthcare providers, affinity groups, national associations, and global marketing organizations. These clients rely on Ocenture to provide them with the product software solutions and support they need to succeed in their respective industries.

Overall, Ocenture’s goal is to be a strategic partner with their clients, where Ocenture will meet the product, service and software needs, align the commercial objectives of the brand, and accelerate business growth.

Integrating with multiple vendors can be costly for companies in terms of both time and resources. It can also result in a lack of brand or product affinity, cohesive solutions and inefficiencies in the overall operation. By partnering with Ocenture, companies can eliminate these costs and focus on enhancing their overall revenue and achieving their company goals.

What are we offering?

Ocenture’s infrastructure, corporate culture, private label products, and ecosystem were designed specifically to provide in-depth and scalable solutions that address the four major company initiatives of Customer Loyalty, Increasing Corporate Revenue, Differentiating Corporate Brands, and Corporate Cost Mitigation. Ocenture’s team and products are built to focus on these initiatives, and the company understands that each initiative is unique and requires highly customized solutions to accomplish each respective goal.

By using Ocenture’s infrastructure, companies can reduce the costs and inefficiencies associated with integrating with multiple vendors. Ocenture’s approach allows the company to handle all aspects of product development, implementation, and support, meaning companies can focus on their core business while Ocenture handles product support and development. Additionally, Ocenture’s ecosystem of products and services gives clients a wide range of options to select from, enabling them to achieve their company goals most cost-effectively.

Ocenture’s comprehensive services provide companies with a one-stop shop for all their private label product development needs, allowing them to achieve their goals more efficiently and at a lower cost than if they were to work with multiple vendors.

Craft & Customize & Measure & Improve

Ocenture understands that measuring customer loyalty can be a complex task and that customers spend time and money in many different ways. The company’s goal is to provide customers with the value-added services they need and want at a fraction of the cost, thus saving them time and money.

To achieve this goal, Ocenture offers a range of products and services that provide real savings to customers in a highly visible and easy-to-understand way. These products are designed to help companies retain existing customers and acquire new ones, move customers up-segment, win back canceled customers, increase customer lifetime value, create company and brand advocates, reduce competitive challenges, build customer relationships, and reduce promotional and advertising costs.

Ocenture’s comprehensive customer loyalty strategy includes the following:

  • Detailed customer analytics and metrics
  • Proprietary methodologies to measure and improve customer loyalty
  • Tailored customer loyalty programs, rewards, and incentives
  • Data-driven customer retention campaigns
  • Automated customer loyalty programs

Ocenture’s products and services are designed to help companies create long-term customer relationships and increase customer lifetime value by providing members with the services they need and want at a fraction of the cost. With Ocenture, companies can achieve their customer loyalty goals cost-effectively and efficiently.

Ocenture offers a range of affinity marketing products and services that help companies increase revenue and profit in a highly visible and user-friendly way. Ocenture’s unique and diverse recurring revenue-centric service line provides increased revenue while providing longer customer life and increasing company profit.

Let Us Help You To Get The Most Out Of Your Business

One of the ways that Ocenture helps companies increase revenue is through up-selling and cross-selling unique services. Selling a new product or service to a new customer is more costly and difficult than offering a new product or service to an existing customer who already understands and trusts your loyal brand. Ocenture’s approach includes customer care calls, product extension offers, alternative currency product offers, and other methods that make it easy for companies to increase revenue from their existing customer base.

Another way that Ocenture helps companies increase revenue is through add-on and bundle sales. Add-on and bundled sales offer a unique opportunity for any company to increase revenue and profit. Ocenture offers many value-added, highly customized, and deeply integrated private-label solutions that provide unprecedented retail and gross revenue opportunities. These include bundled products, premium product offerings, product affinity enhancements, and other services that increase revenue by bundling complementary products and services.

Finally, Ocenture helps companies increase revenue by offering loyal customers the ability to purchase unique, highly visible, “need-based” products at below-market retail pricing. This approach increases customer loyalty while maximizing company revenue and profit potential. Ocenture’s unique services, private label infrastructure, and partnership philosophy allow companies to achieve top revenue and profit penetration while still pricing products below the retail market.

Ocenture’s primary focus on increasing revenue is multifaceted. It can be tailored to different clients by identifying their specific needs and wants and providing a unique and cost-effective solution for them.

Unique & Valuable Opportunities To Differentiate Your Business

Differentiating your brand is crucial for success in today’s competitive marketplace, and Ocenture provides a range of highly customized private label products and services that can help companies achieve this goal. With Ocenture, companies can be different in the marketplace by providing value-added, highly customized products and services that set them apart from the competition.

These services include Identity Theft, Credit Monitoring, Telehealth, Technology Support and other services that are effective in this model. By offering these highly sought-after services at below-market value prices, companies can increase customer retention and provide long-term customer loyalty to their brand.

Ocenture’s customized private label platform allows companies to offer a wide range of products and services tailored to their specific needs, making them stand out from their competitors. Additionally, Ocenture’s approach allows companies to increase customer loyalty, longer customer retention, increased market share, additional revenue, profit stream and higher customer touchpoints.

In summary, Ocenture’s approach to brand differentiation is a comprehensive one that allows companies to stand out from the competition by providing highly customized and value-added products and services. Additionally, Ocenture can help a company increase its customer loyalty and retention rate, enhance their market share and provide an additional revenue stream and higher customer touchpoints to achieve the brand’s long-term success.

Let us Save You Time and Money

Ocenture provides a range of cost-mitigation services that help companies save money on everyday needed services while providing a positive customer service experience. The company’s approach to cost mitigation includes two standard protocols:

Reduce Costs & Save Money
Consumer Monthly Cost Mitigation:

This approach helps customers save money on needs-based and highly visible products in the marketplace. By providing customers with savings on everyday services, companies can increase core product retention and revenue by winning more key customers.

Company Co-Located or Outsourced Cost Mitigation:

This approach helps companies mitigate costs associated with handling technical support, software and customer service support inquiries. Ocenture’s call centers are designed to handle costly and complex issues using co-located, shared, or completely outsourced staffed solutions. The company’s proprietary infrastructure and broad-based knowledge centers offer high-value solutions at a fraction of the cost of other similar services. Companies can reduce costs, liability and support headaches by allowing Ocenture to manage their complex workflows.

In both cases, Ocenture offers proprietary scalable infrastructure, customized solutions and cost and liability reduction which are customized to each client’s specific needs.

In summary, Ocenture provides companies with a range of cost-mitigation services that help them save money on everyday services while providing a positive service experience for customers. The company’s proprietary infrastructure and broad-based knowledge centers offer high-value solutions at a fraction of the cost of similar services. By outsourcing or co-locating support tasks, companies can reduce

Private Label Development

Ocenture serves a variety of vertical markets, including direct sales, banking and financial services, telecommunication, e-commerce, and direct response. The company’s goal is to increase partner revenue while enhancing long-term profitability.

Ocenture’s strategy is multifaceted and includes several key elements to help clients achieve their goals:

Strengthening Customer Retention and Loyalty:

Ocenture offers a range of value-add programs that help clients increase the lifetime value of their customers by providing new and creative ways to recognize, retain, and reward customers for their loyalty. These programs include need-based security products, peace of mind products, high-demand and value-based services that are self-explanatory and have high market visibility, and substance-based services with long-term price sustainability.

Generating Incremental Revenue Streams:

Ocenture offers a wide variety of membership, loyalty, and value-add programs that enable clients to implement custom marketing initiatives to meet their specific needs. These programs help clients attract new customers with innovative products, realize incremental fee income, and increase profit with cross-selling or upselling marketing.

Expanding Your Product or Service Base:

Ocenture’s products can be customized to enhance corporate branding and maximize revenue. In addition, the company offers world-class sales, training, and promotional support, as well as fulfillment and distribution solutions to fit the needs of any organization. Ocenture’s unique co-branded and diverse private-labeled solution set enhances clients’ core offerings. It differentiates them from their competition, which allows them to expand corporate reach in key segments by bundling value-based products, protect profit margins, compete on the basis of value, not price, and achieve competitive differentiation.