The Right Partner

How much is multiple vendor integration costing you? Ocenture’s infrastructure, corporate culture, private label products and ecosystem were designed to provide in-depth and scalable solutions to enhance our clients overall revenue and company goals. Ocenture’s team and products were built to focus on four major company initiatives (Customer Loyalty, Increasing Corporate Revenue, Differentiating Corporate Brands + Corporate Cost Mitigation).   We understand each of these four initiatives is uniquely different and requires highly customized solutions to accomplish each respective goal.

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Customer Loyalty

Increase customer retention and increase wallet share with affinity products.

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Increase Revenue

Gain insight on increasing company revenue and enhancing overall profit margins.

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Differentiate Your Brand

Competition is fierce, be different from your competition.

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Cost Mitigation

Deploy multiple product offerings with one vendor and save.

Customer Loyalty

Measuring customer loyalty is not an easy task.  Customers spend time and money in many different ways and in many different directions (as a consumer + potentially as a business owner).  In either segment the goal is the same, to save members money and time by providing a service they need and want at a fraction of the cost.  Ocenture’s products offer real savings using highly visible and easy to understand products and services.   

  • Retain existing & acquire new customers

  • Move customers up-segment

  • Win-back canceled customers

  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value

  • Create company + brand advocates

  • Reduce competitive challenges

  • Build Customer relationships

  • Reduce promotional and advertising costs

Increase Revenue

Increase company revenue and profit using Ocenture’s highly visible and user friendly affinity marketing products and services.   Ocenture’s unique and diverse recurring revenue centric service line provides increased revenue while providing longer customer life and increasing company profit.

// Up-Sell + Cross-Sell Unique Services

Selling a new product or services to a new customer is more costly and difficult than offering a new product or service to an existing customer who already understands and already trusts your loyal brand.

  • Customer care calls
  • Product extension offers
  • Alternative currency product offers

// Add-on + Bundle Sales

Add-on and bundled sales offer a unique opportunity for any company to increase revenue and profit.  Ocenture offers many value added, highly customized and deeply integrated private label solutions that provide unprecedented retail and gross revenue opportunities.

  • Bundled products
  • Premium product offerings
  • Product affinity enhancements

// Under Retail Market Price

Offering loyal customers an ability to purchase a unique, highly visible, “need based” product, at below market retail pricing, is a great way to increase customer loyalty while maximizing company revenue and profit potential.  Ocenture’s unique services, private label  infrastructure and partnership philosophy allows companies to achieve top revenue and profit penetration while still pricing products below the retail market.

  • Increase revenue + profit by offering products below market price
  • Extend brand awareness with affordable services
  • Increase customer wallet share selling multiple services

Differentiate Your Brand

Differentiating your brand is easy with Ocenture’s highly customized private label platform.  Be different in the marketplace by providing value added, highly customized products and services.  Brand differentiation can be accomplished by providing customers with access to products and services that are highly sought after, highly visible in the marketplace and are “needs based” that customers already purchase from another company (Identity Theft, Credit Monitoring, TeleHealth and Technology Support are highly effective in this model).   Offering these highly sought after services at below market value price will increase customer retention and provide long term customer loyalty to the corporate brand. 

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Longer customer retention
  • Increased market share
  • Additional revenue + profit stream
  • Higher customer touch points

Cost Mitigation

Ocenture provides two standard protocols for cost mitigation.

// Consumer Monthly Cost Mitigation

Provide customers with a positive service experience by reducing their cost on needs based and highly visible products in the marketplace.  Helping members save money on everyday needed services will provide customer retention on core products and increase revenue by winning more key customers.

  • Provide customer savings
  • Increase wallet share
  • Build loyal customers

// Company Co-located or Outsourced Cost Mitigation

Ocenture offers scalable solutions to help mitigate corporate cost when handling technical support, software, and customer services support inquirers. Ocenture call centers are designed to handle costly, complex issues using co-located, shared or complete out-sourced staffed solutions.  Our proprietary infrastructure and broad based Knowledge Centers offer high value solutions at a fraction of the cost of other similar services. Reduce corporate cost, liability and support headaches by allowing Ocenture to manage your complex workflows.

  • Proprietary scalable infrastructure
  • Customized solutions
  • Decreased cost + liability