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Born out of saving you time. Ocenture Technology Support offers on-demand access to reliable and friendly technicians. Ocenture provides broad based technical support for all your devices across L1 to L4 levels, Return Material Authorization (RMA) and end-to-end escalation management processes. Our comprehensive suite of technology support services are available for individuals and SMB’s looking to save time on all their technology needs. No matter the device, we can fix it.

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e·merg·ing   tech·nol·o·gy

New technologies that are currently developing or will be developed over the next five to ten years which will substantially alter the business and social environment.

As technology emerges, how will people and businesses keep up with the thousands of changes and enhancements to these technologies?  Life and business move fast enough.  Troubleshooting fixes and hardware irregularities waste valuable time.   Ocenture “Level 3” technicians are standing by to help members save time with our “1 and Done” tech support solution.

  • Broad Based Remote Support

  • Zero Knowledge Remote Data Backup

  • Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware Software

  • 120,000+ Solution Self-Help Database

  • Computer Hardware Insurance Policy

We offer one and done solutions.

PC’s | Laptops | Tablets | Smartphones | WiFi | Digital Cameras | Printers | Cloud | Software | IoT

Traditional support companies bounce you from one place to the next, blaming each other for the problem. The hardware company says, “its not us, its a software issue”, and the software company says, “that’s not supported by us.” Hours later you finally get a person who can help, only to learn it will cost $$$ to fix the problem. Ocenture’s U.S. Based Level 3 technicians fix the problem on the first call.  Ocenture’s One & Done solution helps Members save thousands of hours per year.  Ocenture’s tech support division was designed and Born out of Saving Time.

98% One and Done Resolution


97% Customer Satisfaction


Standard Call Data

Answer Time, Seconds 30
Average Handle Time, Minutes 45

We offer multilingual global support. 

PC’s | Laptops | Tablets | Smartphones | WiFi | Digital Cameras | Printers | Cloud | Software | IoT

Ocenture’s technology support program is currently available in over 20 countries and offers state-of-the-art solutions in over five languages.  A customized program can be developed to accommodate any language and country deployment.

IoT – Internet of things

The Internet of Things will change the way everyone manages technical decisions and support.  Supporting the connected home and office will revolutionize and inevitably complicate our lives.   Ocenture’s U.S. Broad Based technical support program offers support for many of the devices we rely on to manage our lives.

The Connected Home

It is projected by PC Magazine that each home in by 2023 will have over 50 connected devices.

40 Billion

By the year 2022 the total number of connected devices will reach 40 billion units.

87% Not Tech Savoy Enough

87% of the people surveyed said that they wish they were more tech savoy to deal with the smart home.

Born out of saving time!

How Tech Support Works

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