Our Strategy

Ocenture features the most comprehensive range of products, services and customized solutions available in the industry. We help clients market more effectively, which helps attract more, new customers and retain/enhance current customer relationships. Ocenture serves a variety of vertical markets, including direct sales, banking & financial services, telecommunication, e-commerce, and direct response. We’re in the business of increasing partner revenue, while enhancing long-term profitability.

// Strengthen Customer Retention and Loyalty

Winning and retaining customers is difficult in today’s competitive environment. Ocenture offers industry leading value-add programs that help our clients increase the lifetime value its their customers by providing new and creative ways to recognize, retain, and reward customers for their loyalty. Ocenture products are:

  • Need based security products
  • Peace of Mind Products
  • High demand + value based services
  • Self-explanatory, with high market visibility
  • Substance based, with long term price sustainability

// Generate Incremental Revenue Streams

Our wide variety of membership, loyalty, and value-add programs enable us to implement custom marketing initiatives to meet our clients’ specific needs.

  • Attract new customers with innovative products.
  • Realize incremental fee income and monetize traffic.
  • Increase profit with cross-sell or up-sell marketing.

// Expand Your Product or Service Base

All of Ocenture’s products can be customized to enhance corporate branding and to maximize revenue. In addition, we offer world class sales, training, and promotional support as well as fulfillment and distribution solutions to fit the needs of any organization. The battle for wallet-share has never been tougher. Our unique and diverse private-labeled solution set enhances our clients’ core offerings by differentiating our clients from their competition.

  • Expand corporate reach in key segments by bundling value based products
  • Protect profit margins-compete on the basis of value, not price
  • Competitive Differentiation

Our Focus 

The Ocenture model helps enhance our clients’ success by offering highly visible products that customers already purchase in the marketplace. We evaluate our clients’ goals then help them develop programs that add value:

  • Generate significant incremental revenue

  • Lower customer acquisition cost

  • Improve conversion rates for purchases, enrollments and registrations

  • Build customer loyalty + repeat business

  • Safeguard customer’s identity and personal information

Private Label Support

Ocenture services include brand creation, website development, program fulfillment and call center support. Our dedicated and talented team provides turn-key solutions to help clients bring new products to market, enhance existing product portfolios, or improve product retention statistics.  Ocenture has worked with many companies to create market-winning product portfolios using customer-centric innovations and management approaches. Our services span the product development spectrum, from portfolio management and collaboration to product design and data integration services.

Ocenture is a premier builder of fully integrated web solutions for leading organizations in a wide variety of markets. Thanks to our experienced, highly skilled development teams and our next-generation technologies, Ocenture manages multiple platforms that provide turnkey support and solutions for our clients.

id helpdesk dashboard

Ocenture recognizes the importance of customer care.  We pride ourselves on providing only the best customer service experience for our clients and their members.

Our professional and courteous team specializes in strengthening customer satisfaction & loyalty by offering the highest level of service available. Our goal is to provide positive, friendly, and professional conversations that ultimately amends the overall experience leaving members  feeling respected and that they are a valuable part of your organization.

Proprietary Real Time Billing Solutions

Our proprietary advanced technology solution provides our clients with a competitive edge allowing them to focus on core business initiatives.  All transactions utilize 128-bit encryption. Ocenture provides generic billing solutions; Ocenture’s name does not appear on the customers’ credit card or bank statements. Ocenture product lines are granted a generic name within our proprietary billing system. For Example: Our TeleHealth and healthcare products are billed under the generic term TeleHealth.

Ocenture’s real time billing system is also integrated with our proprietary Otrack CRM platform so our clients have 24/7 access to all billing records, customer service notes and unique customized reports. With real time access, our clients always know where the customer is within our billing process.

otrack dashboard

Achieving quality requires a long-term investment in people, processes, measurement tools + continuous infrastructure improvement.

Ocenture offers complete, creative, variable, full color laser print production, data management services, a full service call center, web operations center for email and personalized URL’s; multimedia design & production, and even html drip campaigns. Ocenture develops and produces all product marketing and support media entirely on-site. From state-of-the-art paper fulfillment to eye popping electronic fulfillment with back office access.

Our state of the art fulfillment center offers complete customization of all marketing and fulfillment material. Our customized variable print on-demand system allows our center to produce top quality documents that include total customization of every page. Your logo and personal touch will appear on all marketing materials and benefit kits.

  • Complete and accurate order fulfillment

  • 24-hour processing and shipment of kits

  • We can scale from small to large orders

  • Client satisfaction – your satisfaction is guaranteed

Product Support + Development

Does your company need a new approach to product development or is your product team shorthanded and in need of new ideas?

We help clients understand and improve product acceptance and retention statistics. Each client is provided an in-house product expert to help meet its business needs. Ocenture not only provides the cutting edge products, we also provide the marketing expertise and messaging to make programs successful.  No two businesses are exactly alike. That’s why we work closely with every partner to tailor our products and services to their customer relationship goals –acquisition, service delivery, retention, data protection and incremental revenue generation initiatives.

While the tools we employ are sophisticated, our approach is simple. We are not “consultants”, but true partners aligned with the success of our clients business.  Ocenture offers our partners comprehensive data modeling, database management, and real-time reporting to maximize every opportunity.

// Industry-Leading Quality Standards

  • Conservative marketing approach
  • Dedication to client private label privacy

// New Product Development

  • Leading innovator of Membership + Loyalty products
  • Expert in bundling products to maximize returns

// Quality Control + Testing

  • Rigorous and disciplined approach to testing
  • Leverage all key direct response elements
  • Dedicated creative development resources
  • Systems built to track upfront and back-end marketing results

// Modeling + Analysis Capabilities

  • Leverage proprietary databases to enhance targeting capabilities
  • Utilize external data sources to further enhance revenue
  • Highly predictive models solve to target returns
  • Models built at client, product, and media-specific levels

// Marketing Services

  • In-house full-service direct marketing agency
  • Creative design, development, production management
  • Database modeling and analysis
  • Direct mail strategy and print production
  • Telemedia advancements (call handling, upsell, and cross-sell programs)